1 ) Walking Christ To The Cross :

This Presentation Tells The Easter Story Through The Eyes Of The Soldier.   The Soldier Shares What He Saw And Felt As He Walked Jesus To His Death.  This Story Can Be Told All Year Round.  It Makes People Understand What The Lord Went Through For All Of Us.   The Story Itself Takes About 15 Minutes.  I Give An Introduction Of Myself Before The Story To Get Acquainted. Then I Give A Short Object Lesson To Make The People More At Ease.  I Then Talk About The Uniform And A Reason Of Why I Am Wearing It.   This Leads Up To The Main Presentation.  After The Story, I Give A Short Message On Our Gifts And Talents That We All Should Be Using For The Lord.   I End With A Poem That Is A Challenge To Make People Think.  The Total Time Of This Presentation Takes 20 To 25 Minutes As The Spirit Leads.

2 ) God’s Spoken Word :

This Is The Roman Centurion In The Book Of Matthew Chapter 8, Who Went To Jesus Christ To Ask To Heal His Servant.   This Story Deals On Faith And Belief In Gods Spoken Word.  This Soldier Surly Sets The Example How We All Are To Believe In Gods Word.  He Believed That God’s Spoken Word Would Heal His Servant And That Is All That Was Necessary.   This Presentation By Itself Takes 13 Minutes.  In The Beginning Is A Short Introduction With An Object Lesson About How Powerful God’s Word Is.  Then The Presentation Followed By Ending With A Short Message.  The Total Length Is 20 To 25 Minutes As The Spirit Leads.

3 ) Explaining The Armor Of God Spiritually And Pysically From Ephesians :

This Presentation Is A Preaching And Teaching Time Of Telling What It Was To Be A Soldier And The Use Of His Equipment.  This Is Also Reflects Back To The Book Of Ephesians Explaining The Armor Of God Spiritually.  This Helps Us To Understand How God’s Armor Protects Us And Becomes Clearer To All Of Us In The Use Of This Armor More Effectively Day By Day.  The Presentation Takes About 55 Minutes.  To Make This Presentation More Effective A Volunteer Is Picked From The Audience And That Person Is Dressed Piece By Piece Into A Soldiers Uniform.  This Lets People Truly See And Learn.  “Showing Real Roman Battle Equipment”

4 ) Herod The Great :

This Presentation Is About Love And Gives A Better Idea Of What Kind Of Person This King Herod Really Was.  The Facts Are True.  The Story Is Another Way To Look At Herod.  Although Thou Herod Was, An Evil King He Was Still Part Of Gods Great Plan Just Like You And I Are Too.  I Then Give A Short Message About How We Are Like Herod, Because There Is A Little Of Herod In All Of Us.  This Also Relates To My Testamony In My Own Life.  The Total Length Of This Presentation With The Message Takes 20 To 25 Minutes.

5 ) Philepeous :

This Soldier Stood At The Tomb Of Jesus At Easter.  The Soldier Tells Of What He Saw And Felt As He Stood Guard That Early Easter Morning.  This Story By It Self Takes 15 Minutes.  In The Beginning Is An Introduction And At The End Of The Story Is A Message Given For Thought That Jesus Has Truly Risen.   The Total Length Of This Presentation Is 20 To 25 Minutes As The Spirit Leads. Good For Sunrise Service Inside Or Out.

6 ) Sergeant Marr :

Sergeant Marr Is A Christian Army Sergeant That Comes To Address The Christian Troops Of The Church.  The Purpose Is To Rejuvenate Or Recharge Gods Soldiers, Reminding The People Of Today That Are Becoming Complacent On Gods Word And We Are Standing On The Fence Of Life.   As Christians, We Are All In Gods Army.  The Total Time 25 Minute With A Message That Make You Think Of Your Responsibilities And Priorities Of Being A Christian Soldier.

7 ) Wiseman Telling The Christmas Story :

The Christmas Story Is Told By One Of The Three Kings In His Own Personal Way.    25 Minutes.

8 ) Memorial Day Service :

A True Story Of A Soldier Of His Feelings Of The He Was In.    The Time Is 2o Minutes.

9 ) Samuel The Prophet : 

This Story Is About Listening.   A 15 To 20 Minute With A Message Of Listening To God.

10 ) Mr. And Mrs. Abraham Lincoln :

Spiritual And Earthly Freedoms We All Share.    20 To 25 Minute Message

11  ) Conductor Marr – Life’s Railway To Heaven :

 An Angel That Brings A Train Down From Heaven To Earth.    20 To 25 Minutes

12 )  Pontius Pilate :

Feeling Guilty, Pilate Shares His Own Feeling Of The Crucifixion.  Easter Story.  25 Minutes.