My name is Walter S. Marr of Elderton, Pa.  I would like to thank you for taking your time to read my letter.  I am writing to you to share something that I feel the Lord is leading me to do.   Through prayer and my closer walk with Jesus, the Lord has given my wife and I a special gift to share with others.  It is called first person characterization.  I present biblical stories as if I was that person in that story. Through acting I tell of what that person saw and felt in that story.   The stories that I tell are not seasonal, but are stories that should be told all through the year because of the special message that they bring.

This all started several years ago when I asked the Lord to use me as a certified United Methodist Lay Speaker.   So I have to warn you!  You have to watch what you pray for, because prayer does come true.  Please understand this ministry that the Lord has given my wife and I has grown, and could only be here because of Jesus Christ, not of our selves!    Praise the Lord!   The Lord has also lead me to be non denominational Pastor through Calvary Ministries.    

With this letter is a list of characters and presentations that I do with a rough idea of how long each presentation takes.   Right after each of the presentations a message is given as food for thought.     I am always ready to do children’s object lesson when called upon.  The costumes and soldier’s uniform are as authentic and realistic as possible.   I do not charge any money.   It would be deeply appreciated for a love gift for the ministry and because of the gasoline prices, now I have ask for travel. 

If you would need a fill in for a Pastor, something for the men, women, or youth group, Sunday school program, a church dinner, a fund raiser, vacation bible school, a special event, just something different, or what ever, please think of me.   Again I asked the Lord to use me, praying that the Holy Spirit will touch someone in some way bring that person closer to Jesus Christ.  This is the ministry He has given.

I truly thank the Lord for his gift of this hidden talent that God has given me.   Especially a wonderful wife and help mate that encourages me to pursue everything the Lord leads me to do for his Glory.   Please pray about what I have shared with you in this letter and let me know if I can help in anyway.   But most of all keep me in your prayers, as I will you.

God Bless,

From One of Gods Servants